Here are some great reads for parents (and even kids) to learn more about the importance of an early education in computer science and getting more girls pursuing STEM fields.

It's Belief, Not Ability, That Makes Girls Think STEM Is Not For Them | Forbes
Oct 4, 2018

Forbes notes that girls have the ability and intelligence to do well in STEM, including computer science, but need more confidence.

Scratch 3.0 is now available | TechCrunch
Oct 4, 2018

Scratch just celebrated the launch of Scratch 3.0, an update that adds some interesting new functionality to the powerful open-source tool, including extensions to control hardware.

Expansion of AP computer science courses draws more girls and minorities | The Atlantic
Oct 4, 2018

The journalists describe how a new middle school in Washington, D.C. with a substantial minority population is helping to bridge the racial and economic gaps in tech.

Learning computer coding opens up ‘endless world’ for these kids | PBS News Hour
April 10, 2018

In their NewsHour Shares moment of the day, they address a nationwide computer science immersion program that sets up shop at a couple Virginia elementary schools and the positive impact it had on the students.

Expansion of AP computer science courses draws more girls and minorities | Washington Post
Jan 8, 2018

An expansion of AP computer science classes is helping to draw more girls and underrepresented minorities into a field of growing importance for schools, universities and the economy.

AP Computer Science Exam Takers Increase in Diversity | USA Today
Jun 18, 2017

The Advance Placement Computer Science Exam notes a more than 1000% increase in the amount of female test takers in the last ten years. Minority participation has also increased. The AP association hopes this will mark a higher presence of these groups in upper level CS education.

Celebrating 10 Years of Scratch | MIT News
May 11, 2017

The developers of Scratch at MIT look back on 10 years of successful instructions of young computer science students. This tremendous anniversary was celebrated with a gathering of over 300 scratch developers from the ages of 8 to 16 at the MIT Media center which produced amazing results!

Why Every Kid Should Learn to Love Computer Science | TED-Ed
Feb 9, 2017

Laura McClure of the Viral TED Talks Education Community, speaks on the benefits of learning computer science at an early age from a developmental and formative standpoint. Complete with references to the Lego Movie and a corresponding TED Talk on the matter, this article is as informative and entertaining for parents as it is for perspective students.

Teach Your Kid to Code | Huffington Post
Jan 19, 2017

Ken Mazaika, CTO of The Firehose Project, speaks on the many ways that you can help foster your child's love of coding. This article speaks the the techniques that parents can use to help reinforce the many skills learned at camp.

Middle School Is the Key to Girls' Coding Interest | US News
Oct 20, 2016

Despite an increase in the number of coding jobs available, the gender gap in the industry increases. A recent study has shown that the key age demographic to inspire girls to pursue computer science lies in the formative years of middle school. This article explains why!

Women Break Barriers in Engineering and Computer Science | Washington Post
Sep 16, 2016

A collection of summaries and statistics of the progress that women have made in computer science and engineering fields as a whole. The accomplishment of particularly influential women in engineering are also highlighted in this article

The Future Starts Now | Huffington Post
Jun 17, 2015

Kathy Kemper, founder and CEO of the Institute for Education, discusses the camp’s impact in a Huffington Post blog piece. She highlights the importance of learning computer science skills at an early age and praises the camp for providing educational opportunities for children who are financially disadvantaged.

7 Reasons Young Women Shouldn't Be Deterred From Science and Engineering Careers | Huffington Post
Oct 12, 2015

Yannis C. Yortsos, Dean of the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC, lists a few of the reasons why young women shouldn't be deterred from careers in science and engineering. He features several female engineers who are working on projects with significant social and technological potential.

Coding Like a Girl | Institute for Education
Jun 14, 2015

The USC Viterbi Department of Computer Science is offering an all girl coding camp to expose girls to engineering concepts and help them break out of labels and stereotypes that often lead them into humanities fields while their male counterparts pursue engineering.

IFE offers free coding camp for girls at USC | Institute for Education
Nov 7, 2015

University of Southern California, in partnership with the Institute for Education, is proud to offer two free summer camps to K-12th graders. These camps will introduce the kids to computer science and help them to better understand the technology that has become so prevalent in our lives.

The top tech priority of 2015: Two X chromosomes | Tech Republic
Jan 22, 2015

This TechRepublic article from 2015 reports that the top priority for the year should be to make equal opportunities for women in technology careers. It explains why we need to do something about the fact that women in tech are declining at the same time that women in the the professional workforce are increasing.

America is failing its children by not teaching code in every high school | Quartz
May 14, 2015

Quartz Magazine takes a look at why computer science isn’t as prevalent as it should be in secondary education, and what can be done to improve it through early exposure and more funding.

Computer science stereotypes are getting worse, not better | Quartz
Mar 9, 2015

Professor Mary Anne Egan from Siena College examines how Computer Science programs and professionals need to take action to combat negative stereotypes regarding women in CS.

Silicon Valley struggles to hack its diversity problem | Washington Post
Jul 16, 2015

Minorities are significantly underrepresented in the tech industry. Companies have been resistant to acknowledging this fact, refusing to publicize their diversity data, until 2014. More companies are now creating programs and initiatives to combat this problem.

Women in STEM | White House

Regularly updated

The Office of Science and Technology Policy reports on the Obama Administration’s dedication to increase the amount of  women in STEM careers. They provide provide numerous resources for Women in STEM- from news articles, mentoring opportunities, to videos of important events.

Solving for XX | CNET Magazine
Regularly updated

CNET, a leading online technology publication, has an on-going series of articles about women in tech, and what people are doing to resolve the disparities between women and men in that industry.

Benefits of Exposing K12 Students to Computer Science through Summer Camp Programs. | IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference | Jeffrey Miller, Andrew Goodney, Saty Raghavachary.
Oct 2018

Through an evaluation of CS@SC, this study finds that exposure programs serve an important purpose of increasing the diversity and number of students pursuing education and careers in STEM fields.

Equal Accessibility to Computer Science Classes in High Schools in California. | IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference | Courtney-Lynn Presto, Jeffrey Miller.
March 2018

The data from the California Department of Education shows that every ethnic demographic is accurately represented in the classroom. However, the number of female students is still lacking, and proactive steps need to be taken to combat this issue.

CS@SC Summer Camps - a week-long program to teach local K-12 students about Computer Science. | Consortium for Computing in the Colleges-Southwest Region Conference | Jeffrey Miller, Saty Raghavachary, Andrew Goodney
March 2018

Programs, like CS@SC, contribute to more interest in computer science in girls, minorities, and low-income students.

Benefits of Exposure Programs to K12 Student Interest in Computer Science. | ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education | Jeffrey Miller
February 2018

Early exposure to computer science can provide students of all ethnicities and genders with the foundation needed to prepare them for STEM careers. Camps, like CS@SC, has shown a noticeable increase in computer science interest.

Minimizing Effort for ABET Outcomes Assessment While Maintaining Effective Results. | ACSE International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence International Symposium on Education | Jeffrey Miller
December 2016

This paper describes the methodology to minimize the amount of effort necessary for assessing student outcomes through ABET accreditation, and it was used successfully for 2015-2016 ABET accreditation of both Computer Science and Computer Engineering + Computer Science programs at University of Southern California.

Teaching Large Computer Science Classes. | American Society of Engineering Education | Shahriar Shamsian, Gisele Ragusa, Jeffrey Miller, Michael Shindler
June 2016

This paper addresses the challenges of teaching large computer science classes and discusses techniques to make teaching at that scale more effective, along with evidence from a graduate level algorithms class at University of Southern California.