Registering Online

New to CS Camps? Create an online account and register new campers using the online registration portal!

1. Create a new account.

Head over to the top right of our webpage to find the “Login Button” in order to access the registration page. Enter your email and password to sign up for our camps or if you have signed up before, login using your email and password.

2. Add a camper to our sessions.

Select the “Add Camper” button (found in the right hand corner) to add the camper’s information. Parents must complete the camper profile before moving on.

Account Main Page

The main page to add students.

Camper Profile

Page to add camper’s basic information.

3. Complete Scholarship information (Optional)

Thanks to the generosity of Coach Kemper and the Institute for Education, we offer scholarships for low-income students. To apply for a scholarship, fill this info out. You can optionally skip this step.

4. Complete Medical Information.

Once you have chosen which camps to take, CS@SC staff will review your application. Students are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis so make sure to apply early! Once accepted, a confirmation email from CS@SC will be sent to you!

4. Select which camps you wish for the student to attend.

Our camps have a variety of options for students to take. Classes include:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Web Development
  • Scratch
  • Scratch Jr.

If you wish to know more about the classes we teach, head to for a detailed description on the classes available.

List of camps available for students.

Camps selected will appear at the yellow bar at the top.

The “Submit” button is below all the camps.

Confirming Registration.

5. Application and Approval

Once you have chosen which camps to take, USC staff will review your applications. (Though all campers are are accepted to our program, this is to keep track to those who attend our camps.) Once the applications have been accepted, USC will send an email confirming the process.

Camps applied and waiting for response.

Camps have been accepted by the USC Staff!

6. Payment

Once the camps have been accepted, to finalize and confirm the campers’ classes, head to the “Payment” section to complete the process.

With this you are finished with your applications!

Please note that classes are subject to cancellation if the minimum number of students is not registered for that class.

If there any questions, contact the USC staff at