Camp Info

Grade Level

Kindergarten – 12th


9-10:30am, 11-12:30pm,

2-3:30pm, 4-5:30pm


1 teacher : 6 students [Elementary]

1 teacher : 8 students [Middle/High School]


All CS@SC summer camps are being held via Zoom!

Time of Classes

When applying, you will notice that there are no times on any of the camps. The camps will be offered at 9:00, 11:00, 2:00, or 4:00. We will determine the time of the camp by sending a follow up email to all paid campers the week prior to the start of the camp. We will ask for your child’s availability and schedule the camp accordingly. We will accommodate all kids, but we want to keep a ratio of 1:6 with TAs and Elementary students (1:8 with TAs and Middle/High School Students). This will hopefully provide for a lot of individualized attention for each student. There will only be one TA in each class, so there will only be up to six students in each class. This means that we may run multiple sections of a class during each session.


The camps cost $175, and we have generous scholarships to bring the cost down. We are only providing need-based scholarships to students who qualify for free or reduced meals and upload verification. If you have other extenuating circumstances that warrant financial need, please upload proof and we will consider it.

The majority of applicants will be accepted at $175.


  • [Available only during in-person camps] Before paying, you will need to update the medical information. This requires you to upload images of the front and back of insurance card. A few people have asked whether this could be optional since we are running the camps remotely, and unfortunately the university is still requiring this information to be uploaded since the students are participating in a university activity, albeit remotely.
  • You must update your child’s school in fall by clicking on your child’s name and specifying the school.
  • You must enter a birthdate for child if one has not been entered already.
  • You must upload a report card. This can be any assessment of your child, even if you haven’t gotten the report card from the end of the year.
  • If you select that your child qualifies for free or reduced meals, you must upload verification.