Jeffrey Miller

Dr. Jeffrey Miller is a Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology Practice in the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California, and he is the Founder of the CS@SC Summer Camps. With the support of Coach Kathy Kemper of the Institute for Education, Prof. Miller started the camps in 2015 based on the inequity he had seen in computer science and STEM education for K12 students. Public education in the US is supposedly democratized and equal for all, but students who have access to computer science education in California is limited to 1/3 of public high schools, and those schools are typically in more affluent areas. This is unacceptable since ethnicity, gender, or family income has no effect on the success of students in STEM fields, and the CS@SC Summer Camps provide equal opportunity to all students to attend.

Nayeon Kim

Professor Nayeon Kim is a passionate web development teacher, who works with beginners and fellow professionals looking to improve their skills and knowledge of the latest industry standards. As teacher, Nayeon is known for her encouraging approach, walking students through the process of getting familiar with coding, even when they do not come from a tech-orientated background. She has had the opportunity to work with high profile clients, including The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, and Fox. Currently, Nayeon teaches web development full time as a lecturer at USC's Viterbi School of Engineering in the Information Technology Program and will be teaching the web development classes for CS@SC this summer.

Codi Miller

Codi Miller has been working in K12 coding education for the past 7 years. She ran a company teaching kids computer science and robotics and has written over 10 books on the subject. She is a graduate from the University of Southern California, where she earned her degree in Biology. Her passion to educate bloomed once she realized that the ability to program made a degree in Biology infinitely more valuable. Since then, Codi has worked with numerous education-based organizations. Coupled with being female, a minority, and the mother of young daughters along with their newborn son, she recognizes the need to empower all students in STEM fields no matter their race, gender, or household income.

Trina Gregory

Trina Gregory is an Associate Professor of Information Technology Practice teaching technology, programming, and engineering courses. She began teaching at USC in January 2007 as a part-time lecturer and transitioned to a full-time, teaching-track faculty position in August 2009. Trina created and oversees the Mobile App Development minor. She is also an Associate Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Viterbi Office of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She has taught classes in Java, Python, Swift, and Objective-C programming, web publishing, information technology, mobile apps, and will be teaching python classes for CS@SC this summer.


Sachi Desale 

Being a TA at CS@SC enables me to fulfill my dream of doing the two things I love the most: teaching and solving problems.This camp is my opportunity to pay forward the amazing teaching experiences I've personally had, which is why the idea of transpiring knowledge to budding students excites me so much!

I am currently pursuing a major in computer science and a minor in business finance. With this knowledge, I hope to start off as a software developer and eventually found my own firm that uses technology to advance personalized learning and alleviate differences in education quality worldwide.

Victor Kim 

I have taught programming to students within private academies and becoming a part of a large organization dedicated to teaching this wonderful field is a wonderful opportunity for me. It is a great feeling knowing that the students who participate in our sessions are learning and having a wonderful time inside their class! I want to make sure that students have the chance to join our sessions and have the opportunity to experience a field that not many of us can have.

Spring 2021

Jenny Kim

I wanted to become a TA because I love CS@SC's mission to teach kids computer science! My very first programming class was during my first semester in college, so I think it's awesome that our campers are exploring and learning about tech early on in their lives. My primary goal as a TA is to encourage them and build their confidence in STEM, which may feel intimidating at first. More generally, though, I hope to emphasize that you can learn and accomplish anything!

After college, I hope to work in industry for a little bit before becoming a professor so I can teach college students!

Cameron Cornelio

I wanted to be a CS@SC TA after learning about the camp’s efforts to introduce minority communities to the opportunities that computer science can bring. Having attended the camp myself and now being a USC student, I realize the importance of diverse role models in the engineering field. Computer science is for everyone - all genders and all demographics - and I’m excited to be able to share my love of coding with you!

After graduating from USC, I hope to work in technology consulting, travel the world, and continue exploring my passions.

Bethany Chen

I had a phenomenal high school CS teacher who played a big role in my decision to major in CS! The way that he invested himself wholeheartedly in his students was truly inspiring, and I'd love to do the same for others who might be interested.

After a year in the CS industry, hopefully I'll be enrolling in medical school. A job seems kind of far down the line, but I'd love to use tech to innovate in healthcare (and/or make the US healthcare system more efficient). I hope my career involves teaching, but if it doesn't, then I'll be seeking opportunities to do that in my free time.

Oswaldo Morales

I wanted to become a CS@SC TA because I want to be able to help educate the next generation of coders. Growing up in a low-income household, I had minimal exposure to coding and web development, but recently I have been fortunate enough to develop these skills at USC. I have come to understand how critical these skills are, and I want to help pass these skills along to other low-income minorities.

After graduation I aspire to help elevate and empower the next generation of Latinx athletes. More specifically, I would like to enter the crisis management and communication sector of the professional sports industry and become the CCO of a professional sports team in the area. I plan on blending my personal experiences as a Latino athlete with my academic knowledge of business fundamentals and applied analytics to generate content that encourages Latinx youth to actively engage in sports as a way to develop good character and lifelong skills.

Gloria Nduka

I want to be a CS@SC TA because I want to share my passion for programming with all the students and to also show them that people who look like me are more than capable of coding. Teaching is such a rewarding experience, and I love doing it!

After graduating in May, I will be working full time at Google.

Maria Tangalos

I wanted to be a CS@SC TA because I am passionate about youth education and mentorship. I think it is important that kids have access to resources such as CS@SC so that they can engage with STEM curricular activities and be inspired to pursue further learning about the STEM field. Through this program, we can teach through mentorship and instill the message that anyone can study computer science.

After I graduate, I plan to continue my education in either graduate school, medical school, or a combination of the two. I hope to pursue a career in biomedical research.

Rahul Joshi

My mom works as an elementary to middle school teacher, and it was through watching her work that I gained an appreciation for teaching, even being inspired to do so myself. Being a dance teacher alongside my engineering career, I had previous experience teaching youth programs and classes, but I wanted to be able to combine my passion for programming (which I gained through my major) with my love for teaching and that was what pushed me to apply to be a CS@SC TA.

Being an electrical engineer, I sort of found my way to programming and development over time, but now, I've come to the realization that here is where I find the most interest. Aside from working as a TA, I also manage the website and design aspects of a dance education program. I plan to continue this work post-graduation and want to help expand the program to people around the world as well as bring it to physical spaces once COVID-19 is properly managed. I hope to find a full-time job in front or back-end development and want to continue my career of teaching in tandem, whether that be teaching programming or teaching art forms (dance, music, or film).

Jason LaRue

I joined CS@SC because I've taught children to program in the past and found it extremely rewarding, and I believe teaching children to program early on can have tremendous benefits in their development.

After graduating, I will be working for Amazon as a Software Development Engineer.

Paul Kaster

I've always loved teaching other people, especially around technology, and I'm hoping to pass down some of my experiences about the wonders of computer science.

I'm going to work in Strategy at Disney.

Kelley Nguyen

I'd like to share the fun of having possibilities at your fingertips. Sometimes I wish I'd been exposed to what I love doing now earlier on, and I think it's exciting to be able to help do exactly that for kids.

After graduation, I hope to work as a software engineer somewhere I can walk or rely on public transportation to get everywhere!

Yojairo Morales

Coming from a low-income and first-generation background, I was never introduced to Computer Science until I got to college. This is why I felt passionate about teaching, as I want to introduce students to the world of opportunities within tech and spark a desire to pursue it early on.

After college, I plan to work in industry as a software engineer, then eventually found a startup dedicated to solving education inequity. Along with this, I hope to eventually teach Computer Science at my local high school to increase representation of people from underrepresented and low-income backgrounds in tech.

Sana Jain

I wanted to participate in CS@SC because I have always believed in the importance of educating children, especially those from marginalized groups. Computer Science is an ever-growing field and something that everyone can benefit from learning about. Teaching and CS are two things I am extremely passionate about and I'm so excited to encourage others to learn more about programming!

I plan on furthering my education by pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science.

Jaehyung Choi

I want to be a CS@SC TA because I am grateful for the education I've received from USC, and I want to give back to the younger generations. I've worked with younger people by tutoring math and coaching track, and I am excited for this opportunity to continue guiding the kids!

After I graduate, I plan on taking a gap year to work, and then apply to medical school.

Shreyas Narayanan

I wanted to be a CS@SC TA because I have really enjoyed the experiences I have had helping students academically previously, and I believe that this opportunity will only further enrich my teaching skills. Furthermore, I believe that as we get more and more technologically developed, code literacy is necessary to function. Especially as most of the students are underprivileged, bridging the access to education is something I hope I can contribute to.

After I graduate, I want to try to launch a career in sports analytics or predictive modeling in regards to the stock market. I really love watching sports: NBA, NFL, golf and tennis. Intersecting sports with data science fascinates me. My economics courses in USC will give me a foundation in time-series modeling as well.


Sachi Desale 

Being a TA at CS@SC enables me to fulfill my dream of doing the two things I love the most: teaching and solving problems.This camp is my opportunity to pay forward the amazing teaching experiences I've personally had, which is why the idea of transpiring knowledge to budding students excites me so much!

I am currently pursuing a major in computer science and a minor in business finance. With this knowledge, I hope to start off as a software developer and eventually found my own firm that uses technology to advance personalized learning and alleviate differences in education quality worldwide.

Fiona McCann

Fiona is a junior from Seattle, WA studying Computer Science and Business Administration. On campus, she is a tour guide and the vice chair of the Women in Engineering Board. Off campus, she loves hiking and reading historical fiction!

Aya Shimizu

Aya Shimizu recently graduated with a Computer Science degree from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. During her time at USC she was a USC Song Girl, and was on the Women in Engineering Advisory Board. She earned her Girl Scout Gold Award launching after school programs for underprivileged teens, so CS@SC's mission aligned with her interests as well as promoting STEM amongst kids, especially girls.  She was a teaching assistant for CS@SC Summer Camps in 2017 and has come back to assist Professor Miller and Professor Kim to work on CS@SC social media and teach the Scratch classes. In the Fall, she will start her job as a Software Engineer at Apple.

Fall 2020

Aaqib Ismail

I wanted to be a CS@SC TA in order to help students understand what Computer Science is and why it's worth studying. For many students, their only knowledge of Computer Science prior to college comes from movies and TV shows that depict a person “hacking” on a computer. I want to break this trend and encourage all students to pursue Computer Science and demonstrate how they can use their creativity to create beautiful web designs or software solving difficult problems.

After graduation, I want to start my own successful software company. Creating a good program is easy, but creating an excellent program requires hours of effort and dedication. That's why I'm determined to learn as much as I can from my courses at USC along with my jobs/internships in order to create something that's truly innovative.

Brendan Glascock

I have always believed that everybody is capable of learning to code, but many are prevented either by stereotypes, social barriers, or negative early experiences with programming. It is my hope that through CS@SC, I can help a generation of students overcome these obstacles and realize their full potential.

After graduating, I plan to become either a software engineer or a math teacher.

Carlos Lao

My mom was an early childhood teacher (Pre-K–Kindergarten) and, growing up, she took every opportunity to educate me outside of the classroom. Being reared in this kind of environment, I soon became naturally inclined to teaching as well. On my dad's side I'm the second oldest of my cousins and, even from a young age, my parents would often find me helping my younger cousins to read and assisting them with their homework. In addition to my proclivity for teaching, I've always been an advocate for integrating technological literacy into primary and secondary education. I believe that it's an essential skill in the digital world we find ourselves in. I guess the combination of these two motivations made me want to become a CS@SC TA.

Something that I am currently passionate about is automated sign language translation. It's a topic that I am currently doing research on with one of our PhD candidates, Lee Kezar, and one that I feel is of particular importance. On a broader scope, once I graduate I want to continue to use my knowledge in computer science to instigate social change.

Claire Moody

I wanted to be a CS@SC TA because my programming classes (ITP 115 and ITP 265) have made me passionate about computer science, and it is a skill I want to share with others. I also believe that introducing K-12 students to programming can help them practice and sharpen their logic and puzzle skills. Computer science is something that people of all ages can enjoy, and CS@SC helps more students get involved with it.

After graduating, I either want to work in cybersecurity or software engineering!

Ginger Dudley

I want to be a TA to help bring CS to students that might miss out on discovering CS without this camp or other outreach opportunities. I am passionate about bringing CS to minorities and other young students and want to make sure that everyone gets the chance to try CS out. I randomly took a CS class my senior year of high school and it totally changed my life and college experience. I want to make sure other kids can discover CS and pursue it. I also love working with kids and the positivity that children bring to many situations.

After graduation I am planning to work full time for Facebook as a software engineer out of their San Francisco office. In a few years I would love to switch from SWE to an outreach or recruiting position within a tech company.

Isaiah Kim

I wanted to become a CS@SC TA because it's a great way to share my knowledge of coding to those still young in their academic career. Learning even basic programming concepts are very valuable, and I am glad they are being taught at an early age.

After I graduate, I plan to work full-time at my current job as a data engineer.

Jack Zhang

Programming is really useful in so many areas, but sometimes they are hard to approach and might push beginners away because of how coding is approached and presented. I've always felt like that coding should be accessible and natural, because in principle coding should be like that, they are our way of commanding the computers to do things for us. Because of this, I want to help out in introducing programming to the beginners, it feels great when someone I teach escapes the initial lost, confused, and maybe fearful stage of programming. Aside from those, being a TA is also a great way for me to touch base on my basic skills in programming, you know what they say, "the best way to learn something is to teach it." 🙂

Since this is still my sophomore year, I'm still deciding on a more specific path for myself, but most likely, I plan on becoming a software engineer, and since I really like Machine Learning, I might pursue a PhD in that area and plan my career around Machine Learning.

John Kang

I wanted to give students the same opportunity I was given in education and to help them gain problem solving skills for all aspects of learning! After graaduation I want to work in technology Consulting as a software engineer!


Judy Loyd

Programming is such a valuable skill, and so to share the knowledge through CS@SC is amazing; being able to teach kids a skill that will help them for the rest of their lives is extremely rewarding in itself. After graduation I plan to work in the industry as a software engineer or UX designer while working on getting my own company that integrates technology and fashion!

Justin Kuo

I wanted to be a TA at CS@SC because I started learning computer science relatively late compared to my peers, and I thought that a camp like this would have been very beneficial for me to just gain experience starting from a younger age. Because of this, I hope to help students in their journey with computer science, and make it seem not as daunting as it sometimes is painted to be. I have also always enjoyed working with and teaching kids, and this camp enables me to do these two things together! I am excited about the opportunity to influence younger children and teach them about something that I have grown to love.

After graduation, I hope to be a software engineer in the Bay Area and help create products that aim to better people’s lives and positively influence society.

Kristof Osswald

I've always been really interested in teaching so this was a great opportunity to do it and engage with the next generation of computer scientists.

After I graduate, I'm going to be joining Unity Technologies where I'll be working on 3D simulation technology aka games

Lindsey Bach

 Heading into my first coding class at USC, I had very little prior experience. I felt intimidated by the subject matter, especially since my background is primarily in the social sciences. I applied to be a CS@SC TA because I want to help younger generations build the confidence to pursue interest in STEM fields early on. Moreover, I hope to encourage students to become lifelong learners, even in subjects that feel out of their comfort zone.

After graduation, I would love to find a position in which I can apply my technical skills within the fields of politics and social advocacy.

Mandy Hartman

My dad introduced coding to me when I was very young, I have been in love with it ever since. It just amazed me how the applications and possibilities of programming are perfectly endless, and I immediately sprang at the opportunity to provide a supportive environment for students interested in the power and potential of programming!

After surviving college, I hope to be in a career at the intersection of my love of chemical engineering and my passion for coding, but most importantly, I hope to continue empowering students with real-world programming skills and with the excitement for the endless possibilities in STEM! 😀

Maxton Zhang

I've always been a believer in tech education. My K-12 education had a lot of emphasis on learning how to be tech literate and I think that's one of the most important skills I've learned in my life. I want students to have the same experience that I've had, but I realize that not everyone has the luxury of attending schools where such an emphasis on technology is placed. That's why I wanted to become a TA for CS@SC.

I’m not too sure what I want to do after graduation yet, part of why I chose to study Industrial and Systems engineering was that it was a very universal major that I could apply to a lot of different industries. If I had to choose an industry to pursue, I'd have to say it would either be eSports or 3D printing. Both are industries that fascinate me and are an intersection of emerging technologies and innovation.

Michelle Liang

I really wish I learned how to code when I was younger, so I think that CS@SC's mission is really great! I enjoy tutoring kids from our community around USC during the school year, so this felt like a very natural opportunity. I'm glad to participate in something that gives everyone the opportunity to learn and develop their programming skills.

I hope to go to medical school after graduation and *hopefully* take a year off to travel!

Neftali Hernandez

I want to be a CS@SC TA because having the opportunity to mentor and teach the future generation of computer scientists will enable me to teach students in creative ways that might help build stronger interests in students to pursue a career in computer science.

After I graduate, I hope to travel and explore the world before working in industry as an Electrical and Computer Engineer. I hope to return to get my masters after working in industry.

Pallavi Yennapu

I’m a senior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Computer Programming. I am excited to be a TA for CS@SC because I want to help instill a love for programming at a young age, and show kids that anyone can succeed in the field.

After graduating this May, I’ll be a Business Analyst at Amazon.

Sarah Liang

I wanted to be a CS@SC TA because I am interested in exploring languages from a new and unique perspective! Working with children is rewarding because they have mindsets that are stunningly resilient and creative and I feel energized by their persistence. I am looking forward to improving how I translate complex concepts into simpler ideas and growing personally!

After graduation, I am interested in exploring consumer behavior from a technological perspective.

Sophia Arnao

I wanted to be a CS@SC TA because I wanted to combine my love of coding and teaching and inspire the next generation of programmers!

After graduating, I want to write for film, TV, or interactive games.

Stella Miller

I have always have been interested in technology since I was little. These past few months I taught my younger siblings to code, which helped them with all that has been going on. I became a TA for CS@SC to help more students find a passion for technology!

After graduation, I plan to work in public accounting or financial services. Understanding technology and basic programming come in handy for both accounting and finance!

Sumit Chandra

I've always loved teaching and being able to directly apply what I've learned into bettering my community. Teaching is an extremely rewarding experience and something I always end up learning a lot from! I love putting smiles on kids faces while also helping them learn, and teaching as part of CS@SC seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to teach kids about Computer Science, something I value and want to help spread.

After graduation I plan on working in the intersection of the music industry and technology, by bringing more accessible tech to artists.

Sunny (Xiaoyu) Dong

I really enjoyed learning python and web development at USC, and hope to share some of the joy that these skills have brought to me to other students. 

After graduation I plan on going to graduate school.

Susan Chavez

I want to be a CS@SC TA to expose underrepresented K-12 students to STEM specifically within computer science to provide them with the knowledge and skillsets to help them narrow down their interests and career choices.

After I graduate from USC, I am planning on pursuing a career within consulting to combine my passions in problem-solving and data analysis.

Xiaofei Liao

I started coding in middle school and it was a very tough experience trying to figure out everything by myself. I want to share my passion for programming, and hopefully prepare the younger generations for a smoother entry into programming.

After graduation, I will be a front end web developer. I am also planning to start a video channel to share my experiences with web developing!