“Thank you for being such a great teacher to the students. You have encouraged Cali to continue with coding, long term.

She looks forward to it everyday and gets sad when it’s over. She has a new light and confidence, the same one she has when pertaining to her art.”

-Parent, Summer 2020

“I’ve never seen Rauline this excited

about anything academic! She FaceTimed me yesterday to tell me she gets to go to Scratch Jr 2 with Miss Sachi and that she wants to do Scratch Jr 3!

It’s been a difficult year to transition children away from their teachers, friends and quarantine them.

You created a trusted relationship, not easy to do via Zoom, and we are grateful.”

-Parent, Summer 2020

“Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher for Julianne. We are so thankful that she had the opportunity to learn from you. You definitely had a huge impact on her learning, drive, and motivation to learn coding.

Every morning she wakes up on her own, with a huge smile, waiting to log in to your Zoom class. Nothing stops her from being up and ready for your class.”

-Parent, Summer 2020

“When my daughter came home and showed me the PacMan and Brick Breaker games she had made at the camp I couldn’t believe it. I can’t imagine what she’ll make after a few more summers at CS@SC”

-Richard H. | Summer ’17

“This camp is a fun and engaging way to enter the world of computer science through a highly interactive and personalized experience. I wish I had a camp like this when I was younger!”

-Courtney V. | Instructor, Summer ’17

“CS@SC provided my daughter with a wonderful learning experience. By the end of the camp, she had not only made some awesome games in Scratch, but also quite a few new friends.”

-Marcus P. | Parent, Summer ’17

The class is interesting, the teachers are cool, and even the food is great! I looked forward to heading to camp every morning. I even answered one of the daily riddles at the morning meeting!

-Reem Q. | Student, Summer ’17

“This camp really is for everyone regardless of gender, age, or experience. The teaching staff is incredibly accommodating and friendly.  It seemed like each course is tailored to the needs of individual students.”

-William L. | Parent, Summer ’17

“Despite having no prior coding knowledge, I now feel comfortable working in Scratch, Java, and Python. I’m definitely considering pursuing computer science in the future. Thanks to my counselors for an awesome experience!”

-Rohit R. | Student, Summer ’17

“I thought this was going to be a strictly educational experience for my son, but he also had tons of fun. On top of enjoying the coding, he also played soccer and frisbee with his friends and counselors.”

-Jillian P. | Parent, Summer ’17

“Honestly, when I saw how enthusiastic the staff were about the fact they got to teach my son and daughter, I wanted to come to the camp. My kids couldn’t stop talking about all the new stuff they made when they got home”

-Maria T. | Summer ’17